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  • Shona Campbell / UK Athletics Level 2 Endurance Coach

    "Thorough, analytical and rigorous"

    Over the last six years I’ve sought treatment or advice from a wide variety of health professionals for a recurring ankle injury. Nothing that’s been suggested has provided more than short-term relief, and I had resigned myself to living with it. I went to Mark in 2013 after hearing him talk at a coaching workshop, and over the course of four months he worked with me to address the underlying issues causing the injury. I was impressed by his holistic approach to biomechanical screening, as a result of which he identified the source of the problem (the first health professional to do so) and gave me corrective exercises to do, as well as treating the pain and discomfort which I have been experiencing for years. I can now run without pain and with a normal gait for the first time in many years, and am delighted with the outcome of the treatment. Having experienced first hand Mark’s thorough, analytical and rigorous approach to treating injuries, I have no hesitation in recommending him to my runners. I have already seen positive results from his work with one of my marathon runners, and I am sure she will not be the last.

  • Elspeth Turner / Club & Coach Support Officer, England Athletics

    "an expert to whom I refer coaches and athletes to"

    Mark as an athlete and a Level 2 UKA Athletics Coach has personal experience of what is required to compete as an athlete and to coach athletes. In treating an athlete with an injury his approach is always holistic getting to the root of the problem to solve it rather than patching them up. This involves commitment from athlete and coach to work on any weaknesses. Mark’s persuasion and encouragement helps the process. Mark’s combination of coaching skills, experience as an athlete, communication skills as a tutor and the vast knowledge he has as a physiotherapist makes him a very useful individual to know and an expert to whom I refer coaches and athletes to.


Physiotherapy with Mark

I am a neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapist who founded Dayson Physio & Sports Rehab for the general public, athletes and performers. I have provided physiotherapy, sports injury treatment, pre-hab injury prevention, rehabilitation, athlete screening, endurance coaching, performance stability and general conditioning to the public and to athletes for over 10 years. I have worked in both private practice and in the NHS. My current work and partnerships include: GB Basketball; Basketball England; British Athletics; Canterbury Academy Institute of Sport; Kent Crusaders Basketball; AASE Athletics and Basketball. An additional specialism is the development of runners of all levels stemming from my background as an elite runner and coach for over 20 years. This includes running analysis; coaching sessions; coaching workshops; training schedules; conditioning.

I strive to continue the development of my knowledge and skills, and currently am studying at doctorate level at the University of Kent, looking at athlete screening and performance and have completed M level studies on both Dance and Football Medicine at QMUL.


What is Physiotherapy

A Physiotherapist can help treat physical problems arisen from all sorts of injuries to restore function and alleviate pain from the patient. We offer a full musculoskeletal assessment, treatment and rehabilitation process for the general public and athletes from weekend warriors to elite athletes.


Physiotherapy Treatment Prices

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