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  • Simon, Luton

    "I would like to recommend the services provided by Lorraine of The Healing Tree. I have just (sadly) finished a batch of weekly massage therapy sessions with Lorraine, which were prescribed to help me with my depression/anxiety/stress disorders and to help me at my time of bereavement.

    I found Lorraine to be very pleasant and friendly and the massage therapy I received was extremely calming and relaxing and allowed me to get at least one night's good sleep (a valuable commodity in these hectic times!).

    Well done and thank you to Lorraine!! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone"

  • Emma, Maidstone

    "Best massage I have experienced! Felt very tailored to my issues rather than just following a routine or pattern. Lorraine is very knowledgeable and put me straight at ease. I will return for another treatment"

  • Chris, Luton

    "I have always used massage to help me with my physical and mental stress levels. I have tried a number of therapists over the years and found that the treatment Lorraine provided suited me perfectly. I found her to be very intuitive and apply just the right amount of pressure which was very effective in reducing my tension levels and allowing me to completely relax. 

    Lorraine is a highly skilled therapist and I highly recommend the treatment she provides"

  • Karen, Luton

    "I have been visiting Lorraine for a number of years. She makes you feel at ease, she will discuss any problems you are having and will conduct the massage session to suit. 

    Lorraine always relieves any tight knots I have in my shoulders and back and also provides a very relaxing environment.

    Lorraine is the best Massage Therapist I have come across and I would have no reservations recommending her"

  • Ian & Sam, Luton

    Ian: "I found the treatments therapeutic and relaxing in a calm atmosphere and professionally performed by a therapist who had time to listen and advise"

    Sam: "...Lorraine also welcomed in our cat during my massage session (he had followed me around to Lorraine's house!). Who else but [you] would do that!"

  • Darren, Northamptonshire

    "I run as a hobby and Lorraine has helped me on several occasions. I have had aches and pains in my legs and her treatment has helped alleviate the problems. I would recommend Lorraine without hesitation"

  • Laura, Luton

    "I met Lorraine when I was having CBT training at Reconnect (a service which helps trauma victims). For months, I refused to have the massage on offer...and then I met Lorraine and felt so at ease. I also continued to have treatments privately when I finished the training at Reconnect. 

    Lorraine is a lovely lady who is very good at her job. You lucky people in Kent...I'm so upset that she's moved from Bedfordshire. Enjoy your treatments!"

  • Jodie S

    "I have been to the healing tree twice now and each time I have felt so relaxed and at ease. I love how knowledgeable Lorraine is and how she tailors my massages to suit my needs to concentrate more on areas where I have had pain. I always feel amazing after and would highly recommend. Looking forward to booking in again!"

  • Julie B

    "Hi Lorraine, I just want to say thank you for a great massage. John feels great and I have just run 6 miles with no problem. Back seems great. We will be booking again. See you soon"

  • Amy N

    "Wowee, genuinely the BEST massage and service I've ever had. What I like the most about it was the fact that I was massaged in areas of my back that I didn't even know NEEDED massaging. Lorraine was very professional at all times, and made me feel comfortable from the minute I walked in. It was a very different experience from other massages I've had, as Lorraine checked up on me the next day to see how I was feeling and I came away feeling as light as a feather. I'd highly recommend The Healing Tree, and as soon as I get the time, I'll be booking another appointment."

  • Emma C

    "Best massage I have experienced! Felt very tailored to my issues rather than just following a routine or pattern. Lorraine is very knowledgeable and put me straight at ease. I will return for another treatment"

  • Claire H

    "Excellent treatment by Lorraine. She listens to your needs and bespokes your treatment accordingly. Highly recommended"

  • Helen E

    "I have been having treatments with Lorraine since April and I come away from every session feeling totally chilled out. I love the facial treatments - besides looking less wrinkled, the experience is extremely relaxing."


Therapeutic Massage by Lorraine

Lorraine qualified in Therapeutic Body Massage in 2002 and, since then, has studied many other holistic therapies such as: Natural Facelift Massage, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Daoyin Tao, Lava Shell Massage (Rescue and Relax), Warm Bamboo Massage, Animal Healing, Equine Healing.

Lorraine likes to work with people intuitively and holistically to help them get the best from a session and assist them with improving their long-term health and well-being.

Lorraine enjoys being active and likes swimming, jogging and being out in the countryside - be it walking, cycling or horse riding.

What is Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Body Massage works the soft tissue of the body, where knots, tension and muscle tightness can be found. It is from working into and around these areas that Therapeutic Body Massage can help ease stress and muscular tension. Using various techniques such as Shiatsu, Swedish, Daoyin Tao, Deep Tissue, Thai, Lomi Lomi, Acupressure and Reflexology, the Massage works along bands of tension in the body, which helps to free blockages and tightness caused by both physical and emotional tension, thereby increasing delivery of blood and oxygen to the treated areas.

A few of the many benefits of Therapeutic Body Massage are:

  • Reduction in muscle spasm, pain and tension
  • Release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers
  • Promotes relaxation, therefore reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Improves mobility

Pregnancy Body Massage

A body massage when pregnant can be of tremendous benefit - both emotionally and physiologically - not only for you, but for your unborn baby also.

The massage aims to alleviate physical aches and pains and it can also help reduce any stress and anxiety you may be feeling prior to your baby's arrival.

As your body undergoes so many changes, a regular massage can make you more aware of your own body and what you need to do to take care of yourself and your unborn baby at this stage. If you have the ability to relax, this may lead to a shorter and easier birth, with less pain and a lower rate of post-natal complications.

Additional benefits of receiving a body massage whilst pregnant are:

  • Improved circulation: helping nutrients and fluids reach your organs as well as the placenta
  • Lymphatic drainage: aiding the elimination of toxins and reduction of oedema
  • Releasing muscular tension/compression of nerves caused by muscular tension and/or oedema
  • Improved respiratory intake by massaging the intercostal and pectoral muscles
  • Improved bowel movement - aiding relief from a sluggish bowel
  • Relaxation and aiding more peaceful sleep
  • Release of stress (physical and/or emotional) and anxiety
  • Aims to lower high blood pressure
  • Encourages release of oxytocin (a pain reducing hormone)

Lava Shell Relax

Lava Relax is a heat therapy massage treatment which uses porcelain shells, together with LavaGel and Activator. Lava Shells are the world’s first eco-friendly and non-porous self-heating massage tool and the LavaGel sachets contain natural ingredients which are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Lava Relax Body Massage offers the perfect treatment of combining the warmth of the shells with deeply relaxing massage techniques to balance and de-stress the entire body and mind. During the massage, the shells are worked over the palms, arms, feet and legs in slow deep moves to warm and de-stress, together with a wonderfully tranquil massage on the back, neck and shoulder area to help ease away your tension, knots and stress. 

Lava Relax allows muscles to be worked deeper, making it ideal for those with tight muscles and for those who prefer a deeper massage. 

Physiological effects of warming the body's tissues:

  • Increases local metabolism - the amount of oxygen to the muscle is improved, helping remove dead cells and to increase the growth of new cells
  • Vasodilation - dilation of superficial blood vessels increases heart rate and the blood pressure will fall. Also causes erythema on the skin, improving skin colour and condition
  • Soothes and sedates sensory nerve endings - which can relieve pain
  • Increased flexibility of connective tissues - the range of movement of ligaments and tendons will improve
  • Stimulates sweat glands - resulting in elimination of toxins from the body

Lava Shell Rescue

Lava Rescue Massage is a combination of deep tissue massage using hot Lava Shells to relax muscles and cool Glacial Shells to reduce inflammation.

Applying a blend of deep tissue massage and trigger point work, combining this with soothing massage strokes and the application of glacial shells, Lava Rescue is the perfect massage for muscular conditions. It is used to assist with pain relief and reducing spasm of overused muscles. Alternating between hot and cold will cause blood vessels to alternate between constriction and dilation - the end result being a dramatic increase in circulation to the area being treated.

It is the perfect massage for treating fitness-related aches and pains, as the specialised deep tissue massage techniques target trigger points in muscles which are responsible for tension and referred pain.

Physiological effects of cooling the body's tissues are:

  • Decreases local metabolism - the amount of oxygen to the area is reduced, therefore any damaged cells will die
  • Vasoconstriction - reduction of blood flow will lessen internal bleeding which will reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Induces anaesthesia - reducing the pain within a muscle
  • Decreases muscle spasm - a decrease of nerve transmission enables the muscles to relax , thereby increasing flexibility and range of movement
  • Decreases the inflammatory response - reduces the effects of histamine

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a gentle, relaxing massage incorporating the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face.

This gentle yet effective therapy uses a variety of techniques to manipulate the soft tissue, and uses a range of different massage pressures and rhythms to stimulate the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck and head, finishing with a blissful face massage which focuses on stimulating acupressure points.

Treatment can provide relief from tension, stress and anxiety and induce a state of calm, peace and tranquillity. Additionally, it may also help increase levels of alertness and concentration as the body and mind feels refreshed and invigorated after a treatment. Working directly on the lymphatic areas of the face and neck, Indian Head Massage can help the body clear toxins and aid your immune system.

In addition to assisting with relaxation and your state of well-being, Indian Head Massage may also provide relief from aches and pains such as headaches, neck and shoulder tension, eye strain and symptoms of sinusitis. It can assist with better sleep, improve the condition of your hair and scalp and loosen any tightness held in the scalp area.

Treatment Fees

Therapeutic Body Massage

90 minutes: £58
60 minutes: £38 (with addition of one Lava Shell: £43)
30 minutes: £25 (with addition of one Lava Shell: £30)

Lava Shell Relax

90 minutes: £78
60 minutes: £53
30 minutes: £38

Lava Shell Rescue

90 minutes: £78
60 minutes: £53
30 minutes: £38

Indian Head Massage

40 minutes: £32

A £10 consultation fee is added to the price of an initial appointment  in order to complete a consultation form and discuss your requirements

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